Message of Chief Minister Mr. Mahmood Khan


Pakistan is the great gift and blessing of Allah Almighty while its people are fortunate enough of getting rid of the multiple slavery of Hindu extremists and English domination. But unluckily this motherland was ruled by certain handful and selfish politicians who simply drained its precious resources for their self-interests. This prolong dark era in history of the country also ended in general election 2018 after the people voted out the traditional greedy rulers of the power corridors and empowered PTI head Imran Khan to implement its long cherished agenda of change and uproot the scourge of corruption that was rampant in the country. The people did it after witnessing the successful reforms model in KP govt in its past 5years tenure. During the last few decades, our dear motherland particularly the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was undergone serious internal and external challenges including terrorism, extremism, poverty, corruption and unemployment etc. Successive governments miserably failed to pull the nation out of the continuing downfall. In such a hopeless situation, the politically conscious masses of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rejected the traditional political parties in general elections of 2013 and voted the Tehreek-e-Insaf into power. Having come into power with the massive support of the people especially the youth who wanted change, the PTI government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa resolved to reform the government machinery and transform the society to redress the injustices inherited from the past and creating the environment that could provide a high quality of living and prosperity for all the people. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is replete with natural and hydel power resources. It has a fertile land and an ideal ecological climate for agriculture, livestock and horticulture produce. Unfortunately these resources were not properly exploited due to ill-conceived policies in the past regimes. Similarly corruption and mismanagement was rampant that weakened all the government institutions and thus miserably failed to deliver to the masses. The present PTI government is committed to continue with the agenda of change and revive the shattered economy of the province through attracting local and foreign investment, reviving the sick industry as well as promoting business, commerce, tourism and other economic potentials of the province. The menace of corruption has been controlled to a great extent. Revenue and police departments have been reformed, depoliticized and purged of all kinds of corrupt practices. Other government departments including education and health are on top among the priorities. Drastic reform measures have been taken during the past 5 years. Works and other nation building departments have seen far-reaching reform procedures and the culture of kick backs and commissions have been strictly controlled. Concrete steps have been taken to continuously improve law and order situation in the province by revitalizing the police and other law enforcing agencies for the purpose. Owing to these efforts, we aim at creating congenial atmosphere for economic growth, industrialization, and trade and business activities. I hereby assure the people of the province that the PTI government will continue with embarking the reforms agenda and come up to their expectations. Priorities of the government also include the supremacy of merit, law and justice. I hope that very soon there will be peace, tranquility, development and prosperity not only in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but all over the country. May the Almighty Allah give us the vision and the strength to serve the people with honesty, dedication and sincerity of purpose. Ameen. (Mahmood Khan)