1. Contents Development:

7306 Handouts Issued to media and Published

4749 Photographs Published in various newspapers
9000+ Infographics prepared and posted on Social Platforms
123 Articles/Development stories published in leading newspapers
110 Press Conferences were arranged for Ministers/Advisors/SPAs

2. Media monitoring & reports sharing

10734 media reports have been captured and shared via WhatsApp Group & Dashboards

Sharing media reports with Govt. Deptts started on regular basis

3-months report of various Government Departments prepared and shared


3. Social/Digital Media 24/7

11,333 Facebook posts

5734 Tweets

605 posts on Instagram

287 videos posted on the official Youtube Channel

50,635 new Facebook Page Likes

8082 new Twitter Followers

72 official functions/events were livestreamed

318  news items published on official News Portal



4. Effective Radio Programming


119 hours weekly broadcast was ensured from Pakhtunkhwa Radio FM 92.2 MHz

104 hours from Pakhtunkhwa Radio FM 92.6 Mardan

40 Hours broadcast each from Pakhtunkhwa Radio Swat and Abbottabad

Radio Stations Miran Shah & Khyber were added to the family of Pakhtunkhwa Radios and also enhanced their broadcast from 06 to 17 and 03 to 06 hours a day

Monitoring mechanism for foreign radios propaganda evolved in close coordination with military high-ups both at HQ & field level

05 more Radio Stations are being established under the ADP Scheme. Advtt. for procurement & recruitment is being floated to media

5. Journalists’ facilitation

Grants-in-Aid amounting to Rs. 5.5 M paid to various Press Clubs/Journalists bodies

Rs. 1.5 M distributed among journalists

372 Accreditation Cards issued to the working journalists


6. e-Governance Initiatives

Development of Integrated Ad-Management System (IAMS) to bring  Efficiency, Transparency & Accountability in Government functions

IAMS is 775% efficient than existing manual system

News Management System (NMS) has been developed to generate and disseminate news from a single platform

Android App for News sharing is in the final stages of completion


7. Development achievements

10-year development plan prepared for merged districts

5-Weeks training conducted for officers of Information Department at Information Services Academy Islamabad

40 hours weekly transmission started from FM Radio Station Abbottabad & Kohat, established under the ADP scheme

A new production studio established at the Radio Station Peshawar at a cost of Rs. 0.814M to record/produce music & dramas

Revision and approval of revised PC-I of ADP 2018-19 “Establishment of Directorate of Information in FATA”for establishment of 5 FM Radio Stations in merged areas

Approval of ADP scheme “Construction of Media colony at Mardan”(Balance Work)


8. Revenue generation

 Rs. 4.871 M generated during last six months

Rs. 1.99 M revenue generated on account of registration/renewal of newspapers, printing presses etc.

Rs. 2.62 M revenue generated via Pakhtunkhwa FM Radios


9. Legislative achievements


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Commission Conduct of Business, Procedure and disposal of complaints rules, 2019

Extension of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Act 2013 to Malakand Division and merged districts

Process of nomination of PIOs under RTI Act 2013 started in Malakand Division and merged districts